Problem ads


Or below a 13 year old


There are ads that have stuff that only a 17 years old that only handle


I’ve seen husltle castle come up a lot on my Android, but I can’t seem to find it anymore…


a tad bloky2018!


:lol: get it?


The beer commercial came up again. Should I send the screenshot, or is one time per ad enough?


If I may reiterate Alexandra’s question, what exactly constitutes an innapropriate advertisement?

There is, of course, the basic guideline of an age limit, but I find that to be slightly subjective. For your swimwear example, I found that to be innapropriate and considered reporting it the many times Id seen it, but didn’t know if it was my place to say.

The thing is, if scantily clad but clad nonetheless is okay, what about others that are fully clothed, but advertising towards an older age bracket, or which seem to be advertising questionable/older content regardless of the initial set-up?


One is plenty, but I would mention that you got it again


Only seen the gambling ones but I will pm you if I see anything


Once is enough. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Testif: just use your judgement. No loss if you send something that’s okay :slight_smile:


I saw this ad when I was in America and it said ,so ### ,