Problem with harvest

For some reason, some rows of trees are not bearing fruit or perhaps the fruits despawn earlier than the others. Any possible reason why? (This problem occurs with the apple trees very frequently, mainly the top rows and the right row.)

Do my bh have to be near the trees to load the chunk? I thought bh rendered the entire map.


I think the server is lagging.
Chunks are loaded if you see it in minimum maps.


I suspect it has to do with whether it’s on screen or not (so possibly to do with chunks). When I want my apples to drop, i go stand beneath them. And to get the top apples, I move the camera up. Yep. Apple trees love the attention. :apple::two_hearts:

off screen works if chunks loaded. I think try to meditate all blockheads and wait.

When did you plant those specific rows of trees?