Problem with Owners Portal


Hello! Forgive me if I am posting this question in the wrong place, I am new here. I will get straight to the problem, I cannot get into my owners portal for my server in blockheads because I forgot the password on the computer and I cannot use the link in the game because a long time ago there was a restriction on my phone that disabled safari and I don’t know the password to the restrictions. So whenever I click the owners portal button it doesn’t do anything because safari is restricted. I use google as my browser on my phone but I have found no way to copy and paste the link or set google as the primary browser on my phone. Can anyone help me?


welcome to forums @CodeHerobrine this should be in #bugs-glitches try to pm @milla .


Thank you for the fast response! And sorry I will pm @milla the question, thank you. :slight_smile:


to move to #bugs-glitches , press pencil next to title then the green square. select pink square and press tick




I don’t think it is a bug if you lock yourself out of owner portal and can’t get into Safari because of restrictions.


Yeah it just @CodeHerobrine forgot his password it seems to be a bugs or glitch. He just need a help from milla to log in again because codeherobrine cannot log in anymore cause of lost acc to link to the server then visit the owner portal.


Good point.


You need to be able to load the portal in Safari to reset your password.

Moved to questions. Forgetting a password is neither a bug, nor a glitch.