Problems with rotating the screen on Bluestacks


on Bluestacks The Blockheads is vertical. to rotate the screen on any app in Bluestacks u need a special app like “rotation control”. I have tried many apps to swich to the horisontal screen but that is what always happened instead. The Blockheads acts like it is vertical only and doesn’t have horisontal mode. any1 got a way to solve the problem or at least explain why is it impossible to rotate The Blockheads normaly? all the apps I tried rotated correctly other apps.
PLS help I can’t play The Blockheads vertical on My big PC! it’s too harmful and anyways I hate playing The Blockheads verticaly!


Blockheads wasn’t developed for PC, BlueStacks is an emulator. That’s why it may not work well, but personally, I don’t know how to work Blockheads on PC. I am sure someone will though. :slight_smile:


As Brer said, BlueStacks isn’t supported by MajicJungle, so it makes sense that there are bugs like this.


This article might help you.

Though, I’m interested in how you managed to play blockheads on the emulator. Is it not removed from the app store?


No, actually Noodlecake added support for non touchscreen and non accelerometer devices in 1.7.1.
I hate this bug as well.
So annoying that BS doesn’t have a screen rotation option.


The stretch heads