Profile Picture sentences!


I got this idea from @Alexandra_Inglorien when she posted on “A-z of forum name pics”

So it goes like this. I will start by making a sentence using profile pictures of people. You have to figure out what it says. Once someone solves it correctly, when I tell them they got it, they will post their sentence/riddle.



Let’s start


This is like my abc in forum pics


here are the possible sentances for your chosen pics

during a rainy day…-girl walks up- wait are those pokemon? - takes off glasses- i can’t belive it!


okay now here are my pics of people
as a bird was just pecking the floor…
he raised his head up as he saw something…
through the rainy weather he found something creeping behind the trees…
the bird could not belive it! he found a forest of unicorns!

but then a beast came along…
the bird clenched his fist and punched the beast in the face
the beast died and started vommiting
after saving the unicorns and having a rough day, the bird looked outside into the sky thinking how great he was


What? Um. Brer, you got it. Make a sentence for others to guess.


Make a sentence with the start of people’s usernames


You can only use their profile picture!

Hope this helps


Haha! :lol:


Yay! I’m on it! :smiley: