Progression of my Chinese hotel!

Hey everyone! So based off of my recent topic where I made a poll on which structure I should build on an island I found ( hotel vs holiday home, here: Should I make this a hotel / resort or my holiday home? ), I’m going to show progress of the hotel that was voted to do. Here’s what I have so far!

Right now, I’m digging out from underneath the island to give it that effect that it’s actually floating on the water instead of being connected to the sea floor, and then I’m also going to have an elevator going down to the sea floor underneath the island where there will be a lovely garden and some glass on the sides so that it gives off the fact that if it were 3D you could see the ocean and marine life. I’m hoping that I actually make sense here ;w; anyways, I’ll keep editing this post with new photos every time to show progression and I’ll explain what I’m doing / what I plan to do. Also, give me some suggestions on what buildings I should do in my world and on the island! Wish me luck!


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