/promote & /demote CMD and buttons


Though wouldn’t be necessary maybe it would come in hand.

The purpose of the promote and demote CMDS and buttons is to promote and/or demote someone.

Promote will work as followed:

/promote Lord-hyness Admin
/promote Lord-hyness Mod

And then demote will be similar, but will not require to type in admin or mod.

/demote Lord-hyness

If you demote someone it will go down one rank just to be safe. so lets say if the person is admin and is demoted. it will demote them to moderator and so on.

The same will basically be applied to buttons, but are just there for convenience.

When you use the button, it will display a message before doing so.

The message will read:

Do you want to Promote Lord-hyness to Mod? They will have access to these things:

-All Available rank CMDS

Do you want to Promote Lord-hyness to Admin? They will have access to these things:

-All Available rank CMDS
-Removing other players safes/stuff
-Clearing lists
-Seeing everything in the map that is currently discovered.
-Promoting/demoting players
-Repair mode
-Editing the welcome message
-Setting custom rules if server is custom
-Making ownership signs/upgrading others portals

Once you have clicked yes it will promote them to that position. but let me know what you think.

I believe this saves at least 2 CMDS which will cut it down a little.


What’s wrong with just typing it in?


I like the idea of a button but I don’t feel it’s necessary, as unlike kicking and banning you don’t need to admin somebody quickly, like if they’re hacking. I feel the same with the premote and demote, I feel like /admin and /mod are easier to understand.