Proof that 1.7 server credit is good. (Debunking the ignorant anti-1.7 complainers)

If someone is complaining about the 1.7 server credit system please send them the link to this thread.

1.7 in a nutshell:

Good morning everyone :smiley: !!!

As you are unaware, MajicDave ruined blockheads! He added server credit that you actually have to work hard for :what:
You can no longer ruin the blockhead’s economic community by hacking for hard to get things for free!! No one wanted this! I wish Dave would go 1000+ dollars in debt just so that we can be lazy for our own personal server that is made for hackers only!!! :angry:

-Hackers and spammers

Hold my beer, everyone, TheFoil is here to debunk this! Don’t worry hackers and spammers, I’m on your side. :wink:

“I can’t afford server credit”

If you can’t afford 1-month server credit, then how can you afford a computer, iPhones, Club penguin membership, and all the other things that you buy?

Because… um… idk. But no way I will buy it! It’s a waste of money! :angry:

“It’s a waste of money”

You know what else is a waste of money?


“My parents won’t let me”

Of course, your parents won’t let you own a server that requires responsibility and care. Is that why?

No, because it’s a waste of money and they can’t afford it.

Well then show them this thread

“I will delete blockheads”

Okay, but you don’t have to, there are still many other things this game offers. If not, then go ahead, delete the game. :slight_smile:

“I would never buy something from a game”







Checkmate flat-earthers! I have debunked you, Blockheads server credit is good.

Proof that money is actually better than time crystals.

 1-month credit (Free TC) vs 1-month credit (Money) 
2000 TC:

100 ads (30 seconds each)[1 hours wasted] since you hate wasting things

 2000 TC ($9.99) Pre-1.7
 1 month ($2.99) 1.7+ This one is cheaper

1-year server credit: $35.88

1 year of going to Starbucks: $594.95

1 year of buying unhealthy diabetic candy: $2,661.89

1 year of existing: $54,689.85

1 year of buying Lamborghinis every day: $107,406,131.49

You see how tiniewinie server credit is compared to all these things.

Your move, oh wait… I already won this argument.

:cool: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :microphone:


I laughed at this so hard.


I’m sorry, I just feel that’s a bit sensitive. It’s not a big deal to mention beer. I don’t even recall that being a rule, but maybe I forgot.

what if it was root beer

“Hold my beer” is a saying that everyone says. Not literally hold my beer. Just like there is more than one way to skin a cat and two birds with one stone. It’s disturbing but a fun thing to say :slight_smile:


@anon85547976, just looked it up and don’t seem to see any rule against the casual mention of alcohol. Please let me know where it is (completely for my own information – I very well may have missed it). Thanks. :blush:


I agree with you, other than hold my beer being disturbing. I don’t find it disturbing lol.

Also, I just noticed Tposing Crocker hidden in one of the images… LOL



Pffft that’s not a waste of money

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I agree. :lol:

You sound like game theory. That’s a good thing boi.

lol this is so true

I actually have the money to get a server but I’m not getting one because I don’t have the right mindset to know which people to mod an which people to not.



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I know right!


Compared to:


See? $36 is basically more than what you spend in a restaurant, but instead if being for a day, it’s a YEAR! This gives you enough time to get your paycheck, even with minimum wage.

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If blockheads always charged iap for credit nobody would complain

It’s only because people are used to getting free servers that they now care when that luxury (at the expense of Dave mind you) was taken away

Kind of how people would be outraged if spotify was losing money because people were illegally getting Premium and they made all accounts cost money to listen to music. Newcomers wouldn’t care as much, but people affected by the change would


Hope they have fun in prison!


Please flag posts you feel are in breach of our policies, rather than responding to them like this. In this instance you are incorrect. People can discuss alcohol, within reason.

Milla meme 2018: server is me


Oh my god I remember server is me meme?