Proof that 1.7 server credit is good. (Debunking the ignorant anti-1.7 complainers)

Hmm. Its good they lowered it, but its still pretty high, here are my calculations: 369 divided by 7, we get 57, now lets duplicate it by 0.99 and we get 52 dollars per year. With this money i would buy a triple A game, instead of sustaining some server, that i would get bored of quickly.

If you are planning on owning a server for a long period of time, the 30 day credit costs less. You’re looking at a little over 36 dollars for a year, not counting taxes.

Comparing the Blockheads to Minecraft in costs isn’t the best comparison.

The issue I have with this statement is that multiplayer is free. Owning a server is not, and it is by no means a necessity to enjoy the game. You could get a lot of mileage off of playing on other user’s servers and single player worlds without paying a cent. Minecraft costs 26 dollars in order to play.

Another is that you’re looking at a one-man developer team vs. a large, popular game owned by Microsoft, a well-known company that can afford to cut down prices because they are as big as they are. Minecraft has merchandise, a huge player base, skins, etc. that they can profit off of that the Blockheads doesn’t because it is less known.

Servers cost money because hosting them costs money. I doubt that Dave, the developer, is trying to “grab that sweet cash”, but is trying to keep the game afloat.

Mac servers are still free. This is because it doesn’t cost Dave anything to host a server, since it’s being hosted on a Mac. There are a couple people on this forum who are willing to host them for you for free as well. Had Dave made 1.7 simply to “grab that sweet cash”, he would have gotten rid of the option that doesn’t cost anything.


Just to say, from my point of view, you’ll find more satisfaction as a consumer playing a game compared to a consumer purchasing a meal, as while purchasing a food is a 1 time per purchase action, while a game can produce new experiences over months even after you’ve enjoyed the version you first got it on

Comparing blockheads server credit to Starbucks is applicable, and not a bad comparison

I also suspect that this thread shouldn’t be taken word for word, as the topic post isn’t 100% serious

You’re comparing a game to a game feature
Blockheads is free compared to Minecraft
Minecraft servers cost money just like blockheads
You can local play in the blockheads just like in Minecraft

the ending of the topic post is more smug than Wendy’s Twitter though

Hmm…you changed my mind a bit about this topic, but i still have one problem, why the big cost for a server to be host? Like 20 dollars a year? Besides that he also gets profits from those who buy time crystals

Well try Minecraft.

$26 + tax + costs of running a server

With BH it’s literally 2 99 for one month to own a server.

It’s free to play anyways, and there are a lot of great multiplayer servers and people willing to host servers for free.

Finally, about 90% (I think) of players used hacked TC to make servers, which increased cloud costs, so that’s why the change happened.

Once servers that were paid for with TC piracy dwindle down and his costs go down, I hope that he gives us another way to fund servers, maybe by tracking how many ads we’ve watched? Previously one day credit costed 200 TC, and one ad gives you 20 TC, so something around 10 ads for one day worth of credit sounds pretty good to me.

I don’t expect the change to happen too soon though, because he’s still recuperating from the thousands of servers that were created using pirated TC, but I think this can be something to look forward to or suggest.

Also, Blockserver, the old hosting service, was more expensive than it is now. We should be grateful Dave isn’t some greedy developer and not trying to

EDIT: You also aren’t obligated to have a server. It’s a lot of work owning one anyways.

Owning a server isn’t all it’s cut out to be.

Mine was hacked yesterday (including taking all of my paintings that I had put off making for the same very reason), then twice today.

TL;DR: don’t put paintings at your server’s spawn.

you forgot to mention there is opportunity cost of becoming addicted and wasting precious time :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I actually understand why a lot of players find it unworthy of their money now. When the game says $0.99 for a week of credit for your server, it doesn’t tell you the unexpected glitchy rollbacks, poor security system and thus voluminous hackers, and immense lag. It’s like lying to the customers and disappointing them with [redactedbeforemillaseesthis] quality, because the server owners don’t actually get the service they expect when they pay for that amount.


Stop comparing minecraft servers to the blockheads. You can make lots of money from servers with ranks items vip etc etc
You can make more money off a minecraft server than the cost so
Minecraft servers: can make money
Blockheads: cost money you can’t make off the game…
So don’t compare something you don’t understand…

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Wow lol


The minecraft servers that successfully make money are a very small fraction of all the minecraft servers that have been created. Also, they take a lot of time and effort and a whole team working on those servers.
So don’t compare something you don’t understand…


Well, here is the thing, your comparing products yourself.
You are comparing the price of MC, a game, and BH Servers, a sort of addon, not the actual game.
BH is free, while MC is 26 bucks.
Mc Realms, a Private Server like BH, is 12 dollars a month, while BH is 3 a month. Try making reasonable comparisons next time.

“hold my beer” = “challenge accepted”


One last thing.

People can donate to your server BTW. So you may not have to pay the entirety of the $36.

(and you can play on mac servers for free)

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1.7 credit ain’t good what if I don’t wanna continue paying each month what if I just wanna pay for 1 year and done it would also be cheaper no?

@DabbeDonut you’d be suprised at how many people donated server credit to Giants

If your server is well liked, both in staff and in content, you might get a month or two


I never got merch from a game before, many kids haven’t, the merch is different from the game, the game is likely more money longer, merch is a one time thing that costs at most 30 bucks ( not including the undertale ultimate edition that’s an outlier) people are also more willing to pay for their own server not someone else’s so people that can’t pay are now threatening server owners to make them a server

There are very, very few “free” games in this world. The only games that are really free are games released on unorthodox websites or websites dedicated to 100% free games. Then again, these games don’t have much content, either.

Most games that you think are free are actually Free to Play, but they have microtransactions. Web games usually have ads or some premium currency too if you’re looking at the bad Flash ones.

Server credit is NOT merch, not even close. It’s more like DLC, which is common among Free to Play games. For example, Battle of Polytopia is free to play but you can pay money to get extra features.

Undertale costs money anyways and it’s not even worth it IMO so Idk what you mean by that. If you insist on comparing the credit to merch, you can also get new replacements for merch you’ve outgrown or has gotten worn out every year.



??? Threatening how? Death threats? If that’s the case PM milla and there’s the problem resolved.


I wouldn’t compare a DLC to server credit. A DLC is a grants you access to a feature, you can still join online worlds without purchasing the “DLC” although you can’t make your own.

It’s much more similar to a subscription to a service (examples, Amazon prime, PS plus, Twitch prime or a phone plan)

I absolutely love the way you put all that expensive merch :joy: