Proof that 1.7 server credit is good. (Debunking the ignorant anti-1.7 complainers)



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Milla meme 2018: server is me


Oh my god I remember server is me meme?


Unfortunately I spend almost double of that in a year… This why I’m too broke for server credit :joy:


I spend triple. You’re not alone


I could easily afford a server… but V-bucks are kinda a thing…


Don’t tell my mom I steal her credit card—

@Brer-Rabbit , @Milla and @Thuthu , lil was just joking at the fact the forums have very strict rules, don’t worry.


Noob: i steals tc
Dav: pay to add credit
Noob: Hmmm… I got it!
Noob: uses tcs to add credit after 1.7
Dav: goes to portal
Noob: what are you gonna do dav?
Dav: you’ll see
Dav: presses save
Noob: unable to join worlds. Reason: Cloud ban
Noob: Newbie.