Protected World

About two year ago, I saw a server where there was a protection sign above spawn that said “this world is protected by _____”. How do you get those special protection signs that protect the entire world?

Protection signs aren’t large enough to cover an entire world. I’ve also never heard of any hacked items that allow a player to do that. Also, protection signs say “area protected” or “area protected by [player]”, so you might have seen a normal sign painted yellow as a fake protection sign.


Oh, that makes sense. Thank you.

What a smart move by the guy who made the fake sign! :laughing:


you can get them through a portal. I believe you need a sign and some gold. I’m not quite sure if you have to be a mod or an admin to be able to make one in a server though… (I’m not a server player because those protection signs annoy me since i have to travel really far to get somewhere that’s not protected. But I totally understand why the server owner may do that.)

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I know what a regular protection sign is, I just thought I saw a world wide protection sign.

oh ok

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Also remember that on Custom Worlds you have the “World Modification” setting which can be:

  • Enabled
  • Admin Only
  • Disabled

Disabled or Admin Only is like having a protection sign cover the entire world.