Protection for time crystals

Three times now, I have accidentally spent time crystals that I didn’t want to spend. I’ve been saving them up for a second portal but that “spend time crystals” button is so big and pops up so often that it is easy to spend time crystals accidentally.

One time, I was placing a torch just as Oscar collapsed from exhaustion and the “spend time crystals” button just happened to appear right where I was placing the torch.

The most recent time, I wanted Oscar to sleep through the night until there was some daylight to see by but I accidentally spent time crystals to wake him up and then had to have Oscar meditate until daylight. So the time crystals were completely wasted.

Either, there needs to be a question asking me if I’m sure I want to spend time crystals or there needs to be a container that I can save time crystals in so I don’t accidentally spend them. I’m out approximately 100 time crystals because of this problem. I could have already had a second portal by now but at this rate, I’ll never have enough time crystals to do anything with.


We’ll then be careful. We do not account for recklessness.

This is a suggestion for a change the game designers could make. You don’t need to call me reckless. I’m as careful as humanly possible but accidents happen.

Sadly the game Developer will not be making this option for the Do you want to use ?? TC.

If you’re as careful as humanly possible, I must be as careful as superhumanly possible… or something.
If you watch some videos you’ll be able to warp in a portal quickerly than otherwise.

Videos? And do I have to watch them on my tablet where I play blockheads or can I watch them on my computer and still get credit in my game?

You need to do it in the blockheads. On the buy TCs page, click free offers and watch a 20-second ad for 20 TC.

I REALLY want this.I keep losing TCs because of accidental tapping,and my videos aren’t working.
Dave not wanting it is just silly,it kind of makes me think that he just wants the video ad/TC buying money.

You only need one portal chest - then just look for someone willing to trade. You can use your single portal chest to warp in new ones from other servers.

Is it just me, or is it sometimes 15 seconds?

Sometimes it is 15 sec.

I think that it mostly depends on the type of person… I’ve only messed up with time crystals once or twice. For people with butterfingers, I think that conformation for using time crystals could be something you could turn on and off in the pause menu.

I admit I am a bit of a klutz. I have Cerebral Palsy and my body twitches and jerks like it has a mind of it’s own. But if you tell me that you never make mistakes, I can’t believe you. I had a boss who pretended like he was perfect, then he accidentally shot a customer with a rubber band. He quit soon after and I wonder if he was too embarrassed about anyone knowing that he’s not perfect.

I tell you it happens to me for the ads. They pop out and accidently clicked on it instead of playing game with my friend very quick.

Just try to be careful. It is quote annoying - i named my 2nd blockhead the wrong thing.

What are you talking about???

Happens with me with the ads too.Want to play quick,but the ad blocks my way like a concrete wall on fort knox.Hard to not go to the link from which the ad was made from.