Protection sign customisations and public signs

Protection sign customizations and public signs.

March 24 2018

Have you ever wanted to build a house for a lot of certain people? Wanted a public free-build area on your server but don’t want certain people to acces the area and/or wanted people to not build/dig certain and specific blocks but they you just end up making a mess. I present the Public Sign.

Public signs can be crafted in the portal.

To use, you have 2 options: Public and customize.


If you choose customize, you have 4 options:

  • Allow digging:
    This allows the people to only dig certain blocks. Example: You don’t want the people to dig iron, so you disable iron.

  • Allow blocks:
    This allows the people to only build certain blocks. Example: You don’t want the people to build out of iron, so you disable iron. But if the iron was already placed before, then it will still be there. Owner and admins don’t have to follow these rules.

  • Building:
    Allow certain people to have the ability to build. Let’s say you one person to dig blocks, but you don’t want to build. This could be useful because if you would like to make a public mine for people to only dig, you can make that without people building bases on there.

  • Digging
    The same thing as above but with digging

  • PVP (Not visible in image)
    Allows certain, if not, all people to allow PVP. Let’s say you are a very strict owner, and you would like to give someone a death penalty using the one hit kill but you do not want this person to fight back.


In this suggestion, both ownership signs and public signs will need to have protection span to 200 blocks.

  • Public
    allows all people to access this area except certain people.

  • All admins
    allows all people except admins (and selected people) to access this area

  • All mods
    allows all people except mods (and selected people) to acces this area; this option can be used in ownership signs to allow mods to use specific areas.

This is a list. for both signs, you can now choose more than 1 person in 1 sign.

Public: Custom

It is like the /repair tool. But you choose 2 points from anywhere in the world (maximum 199 blocks offset to the sign (If the area touches the range for the sign it’s good). The area cannot be bigger than 200 blocks on each side) If the square is red, that means it’s too far away from the sign and/or the range is too big. If it is green that means it is perfect.

The reason the sky is weird in this image is because the earth is flat.


  • Litterely everything about this.


  • This can be confusing for some people

Credits TheFoil


The Flat is Earth

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Public signs would be great for free-build servers!