Protection Signs and Torches


Right now i’m building something in a server, and it has torches in its design. If i use protection signs on them, will they be protected when a griefer empties a water bucket above the protected area?


No, that’s why it’s recommended that either you protect the whole zone, making them unable to place water, or blocking the entrance of water.


Huh? How?



Or any other thing ;p


guess i’ll have to design the roof as well then


Or maybe use steel lanterns, which are unaffected by water.


problem is, like i said, the torch is part of the design. model fits the theme and the color of the light is more appropriate.


I must have missed that. Coolio


Try mixing emeralds and rubies (also chandeliers), since, according to the RGB color scheme, it can produce warm light colors, it works, I’ve done it.


i’ll have to get back on that if ive any ideas on a green and red themed build


You can always embed the torch in a glass block using the elevator shaft trick.