Prototype Smartphones

Before official fully released, theres some “confidental” or knows as Prototype (PROTO). There’s some interesting models from Apple/Samsung. Most interesting is Nokia…
Please note that this topic for interest or education purposes. All images you guys send here MUST include credits.

Do you have any prototypes of your own to show? :question:

idk but, uhhhhh. It’s very dificult to find one. It’s specially Apple devices. It’s usually (or sometimes to found one. Sadly, those very expensive since Apple is very difficult to leak those devies outside before official product announced)

Well, you should definitely take a look at this! :lol:

there is one leaked. Ask Sonny Dickson:
Hands-On With Prototype iPhone 4 - YouTube

not really, some of them also leaked on Twitter (most are after announced official devices)

You must be talking about something different then. :slight_smile:

Theres leak one

That one actually existed? :lol:

true. Theres earlier iPhone X i send you in Discord

This one? :question:

alright @WumboJumbo, i found more interesting mobo
This is iPhone 3GS mobo:
normally it should typical dark blue and i found 2 of them (most are PROTOs)

apparenly, there’s some interesting a lot there in twitter if you visit, go type #appleinternal and enjoy heaven of legacies apple products (include some leaked recent apple prototype)

Let me know when they leak a prototype iFold in 5 years with some sort of crazy over-engineered unrepairable hinge and/or screen

go ahead on twitter(jk thats a concept), like the topic only discuss about legacy apple/ other manufacture devices

not only one, 4 of them has been leaked
i found another oneimage

That’s very cool! :eek: