PSA: PS5/Xbox Series X Scalping & Scams

As the next generation of consoles remaining sold out across major retailers, it is important to note the rampant scalping and scamming that comes with high demand releases.

Scalping is the practice of purchasing high demand items with the intention of reselling for large profit. PS5’s for example have put on Ebay for upwards of $1,200. Despite widespread criticism, retailers have struggled to combat the practice with measures like purchase limits. DO NOT purchase these scalped consoles, especially when there is little exclusive content currently available for the next generation.

We all know the classic picture of the item scam, but scammers are much cleverer now. There exists BOX ONLY listings that look similar to normal listings excluding lower price point and slightly differently worded descriptions. While one may suggest that you’d don’t buy a resale console to begin with, if you are going to do so, be careful that you are actually getting a sealed in-box console.


Unfortunately, scalpers are everywhere these days. :frowning:

This is happening with the switch too, especially the ACNH edition. The factory that made them shut down due to covid so there selling them upwards of $800 on ebay.