Public Server copied onto my Private Server?!


This might be the weirdest glitch ever… my blockheads app was disconnecting me frequently over a few minutes (likely my own phone’s fault because it wasn’t happening to anyone else on the public server.) Once when I opened the app and automatically pressed the world I thought was the public server… I was surprised to see I had accidentally opened my private server. After some observation I realized the name of the public server was now the name of my private server. That’s strange enough. But what I realized next is even stranger. o_o
The public server was a expert mode survival world… Now… my private server is too.

What the heck…


Super wierd


So… the only option i see of fixing my private server is to “migrate to custom rules” but if I do that I won’t be able to make a portal chest… right?


You can’t fix it or make a portal chest anyways a lot of people have had this happen including me it happens if it’s glitchy and you join a sp after a server


Okay well I guess I have a portal chest already (I double checked). If I migrate to custom rules… will everything work basically the same as before?


It’s happened to me as well.
Everything except the portal chest will work in a custom world, if you migrate, the PC will turn into a normal chest.
If you leave it on expert you can keep the portal chest, and you’ll keep the expert rules. There is no way to fix your private world, unless (I think) you’ve done the encrypted backup to your device.


That’s a weird glitch


What’s the name of the public server?


Muddy Waters


I’m so sorry about this. This can happen if something goes sideways while the game is writing to its files. I’m going to PM you shortly.


To solve any confusion that may come, I think when he means private server he means single player world?