Put Blockheads on More App Stores Suggestion

I was thinking, maybe if the Blockheads was on more app stores, more people would be able to play. Why is because some people don’t have access to Apple app store or Google Play, especially those who use computers. Maybe if you add Blockheads to more app stores, like Amazon Apps, Windows, and an ability to download it on the computer, it might help. It’s just a thought. I use this computer, but I can’t download blockheads on it, which is the reason why I’m barely active. If you add Blockheads to more app stores, many people in types of situations where they don’t have Apple or Google Play could download Blockheads.

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How about tutuhelper and tweakbox


I’m pretty sure the blockheads got let down on the Amazon devices.

The Blockheads is a mobile game not a PC game.Besides porting to a PC will require different codes and it will increase maintenance needs.

I got bluestacks and play blockheads on pc with it. It works on pc.

yeah you’re using a emulator,we’re not talking about emulators now,like download TBH straight from Steam,windows store etc
but yeah using an emulator will work.

Not well though…

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How about native ChromeBook support :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: this is a joke, I know chromebook’s use the Google Play Store

Incorrect. It works just fine.

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This suggestion would be been really good five to six years ago. At this point it’s not going to happen. Dave is hard at work on the next game, and this one is six years old, and feeling its age :slight_smile:

It works but not you’re not getting the most performance out of it.

Hope he’s alright :grimacing:

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The game.

Oh ok xD

Except you need a beefy computer with native VT-x support? Also liable to random crashes and emulator-exclusive errors any time.

So no to this?

goes into the corner and puts this suggestion on change.org

but i use a laptop

he would just have to give it mouse and keyboard support then recompile it a a windows executable.

It depends on how you write it.As what I know is that Dave wrote it in Objective-C without a game engine so compilers would not work.

well, if he wrote in objective c with no engine…
I would get how he cant compile it for pc

Dave’s games are entirely original, built from the ground up. He created the engine that underlies The Blockheads. He’s created a new engine for Sapiens to run on PC (Mac/Win).