Put images in the comments and i'll combine them into a cursed image


  1. keep it SFW (kid friendly because rules)

  2. have fun

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I tried, I really did. sorry for not making it terrible. this was the most creative thing I could come up with.


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yahoo (1)

I made this in like 5 minutes so sorry for low effort

facebook logo

I made my own : )

Idk why I thought of this

thanks for doing that, I just decided to wait a while before attempting to do the duckduckgo because I just did the facebook one

Will @firestar9991 do it?

I don’t know, will @firestar9991 do it?

I would hope so! :lol:

Sorry if the background is checkered

Muscular Alvin is something I wish I had the money to get eye bleach for

I can use it. and @beakboi20 I don’t know what to do about that but I’ll combine it with the apple logo

Uploading: 8dfb2d9c014e7e7101abaee04f8c4ae2c1abac46_2_1024x578.png…

I will now proceed to delete this from my files and my life