Putting a lime in a coconut

Just a simple, useless addition to the game. :wink:

It would create a new fruit called cocolime which is a mutation to the coconut and lime tree, eating the fruit will cause an energy boost much like coffee but only lasts for 2 seconds.

The chances of finding this plant in the wild will be 1 in 5-10 million. But to ease that you would
put the lime in a coconut and have a 99% chance of dying in the process. :wink:

Is this a joke suggestion?

I think it is, can’t be sure though, either way, I have a 99% of dying, so I’ll take it

Then it should be in off topic if that’s the case.

Is it based off that song that is now stuck in my head…??

Maybe we are supposed to put crazy fruit concepts…?

Putting a chili inside a chili inside a chili inside a chili etc. so then you have a chili that just kills you instantly when you eat it