Putting data from my iphone to my new ipad! Need help!

So i have my iphone with blockhead on it. I want to put blockhead on my ipad and keep my items and world. (Or atleast my time crystal!) I dont know how to put my account from my iphone to my ipad! (Btw, i dont have a pc of my own)((i can try to ask for someone to lend me his/her pc tho)) i rlly want my save game to go on my ipad or atleast my time crystal! Like a lot! Please help me!

Try backing up through the cloud and putting that backup into your iPad.

Message Milla she/he can transfer your account data to your new iPad at least I think she/he will most likely need your support id wich can be found in in help/credits :slight_smile: Welcome to the forms

Milla can’t control data that is connected to your device like worlds, portal chest info, and time crystals.

That’s all under there support Id

No, it really isn’t. Now if it we’re if you we’re to delete the game and redownload it you would still have the stuff.

But when you delete the game and reinstall it you lose the things, so it is tied to your device.

Welcome to the forums @Nathaniel512 you can pm milla to get your support id merged and keep your name but you can’t transfer sps or tc over

An encrypted backup to a computer hard drive, then a restoration of that to the other device will transfer everything in iTunes. iCloud will not. I can’t do anything about your singleplayer data, as that is stored on your device, which is why the local iTunes backup is the best plan.

Welcome to the forums :cookie:!

Here’s my guide on how to do an encrypted backup via iTunes:


That isn’t a good idea. Backing up with iCloud won’t restore everything.

Why not create a multiplayer world and secure everything in a vault that only you may access

Because they put a lot of effort into all those beautiful buildings and structures and pixel art and can not put them in a vault?

Oh thought u meant items