PvP Survival

Pvp Survival is a new server i have been working on myself. i will hire some people to help me build some… stuff. This is the history. in You are in germany or the wasteland of germany. Germany got destroyed due to WWX. The German government made a bunker that will keep is safe for now. An admin will escort you to the vault. Remember once you come out… You never come in. To escape you need to buy an ID card or fake one. The success rate with a fake ID card will be 50/50. If you escape without an ID card you will be killed on sight.
The job opportunities are endless! Become the most feared Pirate. Become a rich merchant. In this world its up to you.
No online dating
don’t build near spawn
dont teleport in spawn once you’ve come out.
no griefing.
no ads

can you add the link to the server and the owner so people can join? Thanks!

its still in beta
sorry :cry:

I’d love to betatest and help you build

why did you think people will online date on a pvp se- you know forget it

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Welcome to the real world @Kingmaharjan10

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Here is the job application centre. basically tell me what position you want in the world. there is Police, Bunker staff, Cooks, pod hovers ECT ECT ECT.

i will judge if you’re worthy or not.

If you do get into and admin or mod spot do not ban anyone for no reason.
Don’t mod or admin people without my permission.
Do not kill random people admins.
the only accept-ions are if they Pass the wall without the id card.
They have a fake ID card. our broke some rules.

Which world is this for and does it have a World thread already?

its on the title. i will be adding the link to the survival PvP

Merged recruitment for this world into world thread. Each world has one thread, so everything is in one place. See the pinned About topic for the information about how this forum works.

This is the thread where you can get a job or at least convince me to make you an admin. there are rules on this server so you don’t do anything offensive / Dumb.

List Of Rules: No swearing, No advertising, No Hacking or duping, No saying anything racist, and No water trolling.

Staff rules: No banning, kicking, and or stopping the server anyone for no reason. If you do The least you could do is make a ban report to me. if anyone does something racist or hacks you will have to ban them… is they swear by tricking the chat system just kick them. if they do it for another two times then they will get banned. same with advertising duping and water trolling.

(Copy and paste this into the chat and write the things that you want to say in the message)

Why you want this job:

What position you want in the server:

Will you hack, troll, abuse admin, be racist, swear, and advertise?

Write IGN here (In Game Name)

Normal PvP survival thread -> PvP Survival Server

Please please please share the link of your server

i am afraid that i do not know how to do that

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Open blockheads, find your server on the spinner then right above “join world” it should say “options…”.Click on that then it’ll give you the option to copy your server link.


PvP survival is a server that tries to make you feel like it is abandoned.

Storyline: 1956 The population in the world is 2,000 People. You are in the Country of Germany, Or at least the wasteland of Germany. in the spawning area there is a bunker where people live. You will stay there until you feel you can go outside without dying. Good luck…

Rules: No swearing, No spamming, No saying anything racist, No online dating, Don’t ask for mod or admin. it gets annoying after awhile.

PvP survival Jobs -> PvP Survival Job Recruitment

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Your other thread is fine, not locked, it’s alive, ALIVE! PvP Survival

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Howdy. OP already has all of that. It’d be much appreciated if you didn’t copy and paste the message everywhere unless it’s necessary.

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