Q&A Answer Plug-in

I seem to recall seeing a discourse forum that had a plugin where you could mark an answer to a question as “accepted”, a bit like on Stack Exchange. It would move the accepted answer to the top under the OP. think it would be nice to have this feature in the Questions category if possible, so if a question has an answer, a user could quickly find the answer to a question they had if it was already asked instead of scrolling through several posts. Even if it isn’t added to this forum, maybe Dave would add it to the Ambience forum?

Perhaps @WumboJumbo knows what plugin this would be?

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If someone can provide a link to it for me I’ll run it past him next time I see him. It might be something he’d want for the Sapiens forums once the game is in testing.


Yes, it’s a plug-in made by Discourse as far as I’m concerned.

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