Question about being cloud banned

I ended up being cloud banned, and I have little to no idea on why. Does anyone know how to out why the fastest way possibly? I’ve sent a support email a few days ago, but haven’t yet gotten a response.

@milla is someone’s attention you want for this. Nobody here will know the reason but her.

I’ve sent an email to Milla already too, but haven’t gotten a response. Do you know if there’s any fatser way than by email?

To be clear, Milla can pm you via these forums. She’ll come around here at some point.

New users can’t PM, Milla will have to PM him/her. :slight_smile:


@Milla is the only one that can cloud ban. You could have cursed on a public server, done “innapropriate” stuff, be racist, or simply just be a jerk. If she cloud banned you, it must’ve been important.

Actually, thats not entirely true. MajicDave can cloud ban people as well. But milla is more likely to have done it than MajicDave.

So. That’s why.

It occasionally happens that somebody else gets access to someone’s device and does something so egregious that it gets a cloud ban, and the real player is puzzled why.

If you really weren’t being inappropriate, bullying, indecent or hacking, then Milla will like explain and help fix things.

Addressed via PM.