Question about certain youtube content

this may seem ridiculous at first glance, but my question to @milla is about a way to share content indirectly with it being less than appropriate

i get that inappropriate videos being linked isn’t okay, and i can’t imagine naming the video alone isn’t either, but would it be okay to say the channel and put out a general area to look for it?

of course this would be accompanied with ‘viewer discretion’ thing, and it’s also labeled as such when you look at the video description, i just want to be 100% sure it isn’t against the rules if you point in the general direction, rather than linking

it’s just an incredibly comedic video regarding american politics, this British guy is a comedian and a satirist and the six minute video made me laugh beyond control, i think a lot of people would enjoy it, but i’m still concerned about whether or not it’s okay

nothing extreme, just a lot of cussing

edit: counted exactly a dozen swears

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You may not post about, link to, or describe how to find inappropriate content here, I’m afraid. This is business portal. Surely you have plenty of other platforms to share this kind of thing on?

Please note that I have no objection to bad language. I swear like a trooper myself. This just isn’t the place for it.

Edit: BTW thanks for asking :slight_smile:


yeah, i can probably find somewhere else, i got the idea from the political thread, but I understand, i’ll send it elsewhere off here

though now that you mention it, i suppose i could also pm you it? maybe you’d want to see it? i know you wouldn’t approve it either way, but noting you also have the truck driver thing going (i also do), i think this’d be your humor

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cool, that answers me, so if you want to you can lock this thread or whatever

thank you! :wink:

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You really went out of your way to count all of the swear words in that video? :sweat_smile:

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yes, the video is only six minutes long so it’s not that hard, plus i’d always be down to watch it again

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Some people consider cussing extreme lol if I cuss once I get grounded plus cuss words are a trigger for me I start having a panic attack sometimes when I see/hear one


I’m fine with cursing as long as it isn’t toxic. joking around or just random conversation is fine for me :slight_smile:

but still, I would follow the rules if it says no cursing lel, for a server of course :slight_smile:

it’s certainly purely comedic, not toxic, but one would argue it’s just too extreme, which is why i’m not going to share it

it was a satire-political video about trump, but i won’t further details, it’s at your own risk to look around for those kinds of videos, oftentimes people have a lot to say about him

ask for what @agentpinkdog said i agree, when i was younger i’d get worse than a grounding if i laid out any bomb words, in current generation it’s different, however, expectations are still applied in community settings, that gave me pause

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