Question about html


Hi everyone I want a better welcome message so I just wanna know how do I change font how do I change size how do I change color how do I animate text how do I make text disappear how do I make boxes how do I make lines how to I put pictures how do I change background how do I remove bottom wm notice how do I change the top button how do I put music how do I put videos how do I put websites how do I put admin chat how do I make buttons how do I make scroll


I’m not too familiar with html, but google is always a helpful resource.


google is banned in my ip thingy idk


Do links work fine for you, I could get one for a website, if you’d like
Edit: here’s the link to the top result


I use baidu

oh lord So complicated is there easier way


@KP7 made a good guide on how to make the welcome message better, which is what I’m assuming you want. KP7’s Guide To Better Welcome Messages


Idk thx


Does Bing work?


What’s the bingh


I don’t think most American websites and search engines are allowed in China, as they’re really secretive about information.


This is one of the only usa sites I can access

Html tho… omg…


This reads like a troll., and given the information I can see about you, @Genuineness, I’m sure it is. Closing thread.

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