(Question) Does anyone listen to music in blockheads?


This is a question I am asking all, do you listen to the music in game. Or do you mute it?

  • I keep music on
  • I do not listen to music

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I like to listen to it.


Ah yes, my favourite is In The Hall of The Mountain King.

Da dada dada dada
dada da da dada dun dun…


I used to, but my iPad’s stereos broke so it’s always muted now. If I’m playing with earbuds, though, yes.


The mono-speaker on my iPad 3 crackles sometimes. It still works though.


not to flex but I have one of those androids that has Hi-Fi DAC and it sounds great with headphones plugged in.


I have it muted now. But whenever I hear any of those songs somewhere else, (YouTube vids, commercials, etc.) I always get the urge to play bh… sort of like Pavlov’s dog :sweat_smile: