Question on Titanium Ore


I know it is probably cheaper and more time efficient to buy a jetpack, but I want the satisfaction of making it myself. However, I have one small problem. I cannot seem to find any titanium ore. I found on block of titatnium, which I swiftly mined. I have found no titanium since that first initial find. Are there any tips for mining titanium ore? I know I could use the sluice and golden pickaxe, but I’d rather mine. I’m a bit strange that way. Thank you for reading this post.


[U][/U]Mine, mine, mine, mine… That’s it. Just mine, mine, mine.
Unlike gold, you can find it anywhere… Even on surface. Or right on lava.
I’m also a mining addict :slight_smile:
Not really a tip to find titanium :slight_smile:


Thank you, Emotional Burger. That helps a lot. Now I don’t have to go all the way down to the core to search! :smiley:


Note that it rarely spawns on surface. Hehe.
Like if you circumnavigate, you might find only three.
I’ve found platinum where iron spawns. Same goes with titanium.


I Never found titanium or platinium -.- even5 hours mining :frowning:


Hint… Go down to about 30 blocks before lava . This area is the gold / cave troll / plat and titanium layer on most worlds. It does spawn all over but mainly at lower depths. Best is follow a cavern to the center and from there go dead straight. When you encounter side caverns only explore the immediate surrounds ( you will be tempted to go further :wink: ) just pack all you need and happy caveing for the elusive shiny ore. :slight_smile:


Are you sure you want to make one yourself? It can take 4+ days to actually make the jetpack itself, not mentioning all the material it requires. In the end, you might have a somewhat feeling of satisfaction of making it yourself, but the feeling of work will be bigger than that :stuck_out_tongue:


Tips: use good lighting. Titanium doesn’t always show as brightly as copper or tin, or gold.
Once you are at the deep layer near lava, start strip mining. This doesn’t mean remove every block, but start making strips horizontally, placing lanterns along the way. once you’ve gone however far you want, go up 10 or so blocks and make another tunnel strip parallel to the first. If you space them right, the illuminated rock in between should just adequately overlap to reveal any ore. And repeat.
If you have an already mined area on single player, from before 1.6, look back over it. Titanium might have spawned even in explored areas.

Final tip: don’t mine a single block of ore without a gem pick of the best multiplier. Diamond if you have it. Two blocks of ore with a diamond pick will get you enough for a jetpack. I tend to mark those good blocks somehow and come back later when I have a good pick. I do the same with TC.