Question regarding spoiler formatting

Is it possible to make a spoiler which opens on top and closes on the bottom? For instance:

>Open Spoiler
>Opened Spoiler
Flavour text
>Close Spoiler
>Spoiler closed

Or at least something similar to that.

On the forum, nope, not possible. The forum uses the <details> tag to make “spoilers” and that isn’t a feature. You could make something like this with custom HTML/JS… but for security reasons that isn’t allowed on the forum of course.


Huh. That’s somewhat disappointing. Thanks for the answer and explanation.

Would it be possible to suggest such a feature on the Discourse forums?

Why are you asking this? You should be well aware that it is by now, when I’ve referred forums feature requests to the Discourse developer on a number of occasions.

Apologies, I forgot.