Question set #1

Hi, everyone! Can you please help me with these questions?

  1. Are there some strategies to improve a gem tree’s production? I’ve read that putting a portal on a gem tree’s island can improve its production. If I put a steel lantern on a gem tree’s trunk, will it help?
  2. Do I have to be near a gem tree for it to produce gems?
  3. To produce gems, which way do you consider is more efficient and why? With gem trees or with resource eggs?
  4. How many dodos, donkeys and unicorns can I have in a world without it lagging or having a similar problem?
  5. Is it easier to find gems, time crystal blocks and golden chests in tiny worlds? It’s a theory that recently occurred to me, when creating a new tiny world and explorating it a little bit.
  1. Gem trees will always produce gems in the same spots of a tree periodically. I am unsure if it requires those chunks with the gem tree for it to continue producing gems, but wouldn’t fully consider putting a portal next to it credible even though it may keep the chunks active and continue the periodic gem production.
  2. This one is a personal opinion as it may depend on the gem tree and how many spots of it produces gems. If you’re committed and have to to breed eggs then I’d go for the dodo eggs.
  3. Dependent on your device, however having less entities typically reduces server stress
  4. These things are generated randomly across each world.
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  1. What GGB said. Gem trees have fate decided where they produce gems, and there are gem trees that produce no gems at all. Lighting (lanterns / portals) doesn’t change that.
  2. Nope.
  3. Depends on your luck. Dodo eggs are more reliable, but more work. If you come across a gem tree that produces reallyyy little gems, then dodo eggs.

  1. You can set a custom world to “more gems” and there’ll be gems everywhere in the caves and on sky islands.
    If you want a vanilla world, the answer is no. If anything, smaller world size decreases your chances, as I’ve spawned some vanilla 1/16 worlds that have one or two gem trees at max lol. But as what GGB said, these things are random, so maybe you’ll strike lucky in the portion that does exist.

There will definitely be less gem trees in a tiny world, though.

Anyway, hope that answers some of your questions, and do bear in mind that some gem trees are unlucky finds and don’t produce gems ever if you’ve been meditating for irl hours and see nothing.


as long a the tree has been discovered it seems to continue to produce gems regardless, however you may notice that when you find one for the first time it never starts with gems, so i don’t think they generate when not discovered

also just a theory, that may be the reason there can be the tree’s respective gems in singles placed right below it

  • No. No.
  • No.
  • I’ve never tested this.
  • It’s not the world population that counts. The the chunks in active use.
  • I don’t know.

resource eggs produce less, as the egg laying takes longer than the gems regrowing on trees sooooo, trees?

Putting a portal on a sky island doesn’t do anything to make the gem tree grow faster. Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait the old-fashioned way. :frowning: