Questions about beds & sleeping

noob here. is there a limit? can I just make a bajillion wooden beds

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There is no limit.

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then, does sleeping more times make me hungry faster or smth?

I do not think so.

There is a limit on sleeping. If they’re not tired they won’t sleep. Hence meditation.

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I’m so nooby that I haven’t tried spawning multiple blockheads into same world, cuz with just one, in case of death I can immediately respawn without wasting tc, so I feel safe unless carrying precious items. let’s say I have some blockheads meditate, while queue another to work and sleep. when I come back, will mediation progress be made?

edit: oops wrong recipient. meant to put this below milla’s comment
edit2: *meditation

does meditation work while I’m away?

No, you won’t get progress if you meditate while you are away