Questions: Surface Miners, Gold diggers and stuff :P

Tapatalk has messed up moderation tools and I’m limited to using my phone right now :slight_smile:

Here’s the rankings by post number:
0-29: Newly through the Portal
30-99: Surface Miner
100-199: Woodcrafter
200-499: Menace of Dodos
500-999: Dropbear Hunter
1000-1999: Gold Digger
2000 and up: Skilled Spelunker

There’s special rankings for some people too, but please don’t ask for one. For example, Erick is the one and only “Troll Seeker”. Fishy (Is he inactive?) is “Not a Menace of Dodos”. (See his sig and his avatar pic and you’ll understand. ;)). Piequals3.14 is a treasure hunter. And of course, Milla, Dave, and Bean (Who retired a week or so ago) and Dropbear (An inactive moderator from WAY back, January or February 2013?) have their own special, special, special ranks. :smiley:

You forgot dropbear

Piequals is a treasure hunter too


How do people get special ranks?

For being beta testers

I thought you just had to be well know, and be nice and helpful… I mean wasn’t Pineapples rank changed?? All she did was ask-- not a beta tester as far as I know…

yeah but it was just temporary

it was changed as a joke, not permanent

You could always try asking Milla nicely and politely…:stuck_out_tongue: No harm trying is there?

i would like to have the rank “umbreon lover” but ive never asked, and honestly if milla or dave is nice enough to change it then thats great, but im not planning on asking unless i become beta tester

Testers only at this point, and this change won’t be made on request, however, if we feel someone has done the community exceptional service we may offer them a custom title :slight_smile:

Community Manager sounds like a custom title for an exceptional service to the community of managing them all. :slight_smile:


You said “cropbear” in the list, not dropbear :stuck_out_tongue:

Or it might just be a perk :slight_smile:

Wait a sec, I saw sam.boyer featured as: Youtube God of the Blockheads

He DOES paper craft, so is he posting how to make paper craft? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think so…

how do you become a beta tester now that would be awesome


I am no longer a newbie to Tapatalk!

Lol, did I actually say Cropbear? Yes, I did, oops! Funny, funny mistake. :D:D:D I meant dropbear. :smiley: I actually laughed out loud when you pointed that out. :smiley: