Quick Q about the WM


I don’t understand why this isn’t working. It’s not popping up, so if anybody could tell me, that’d be amazing.


Try this:

	if (window.confirm("Please vote for An Alpha's Echo! It means a lot! Thanks!.")) {
	document.location.href = "http://blockheadsfans.com/servers/vote.php?id=1234";

Replace 1234 with your bhfans server id


Isn’t there another way?


Take away the body tag, you don’t need it.

I don’t know JS, but you can’t use fancy quotes. Use these " instead. Hold down the quotation mark button and choose the one on the right. "This" instead of “this”


Here’s a suggestion, try not making the popup at all. Voting popups are annoying and useless. Put the link somewhere on the welcome message instead, if they really wanted to vote, they’ll press it. Voting isn’t about forcing people to vote, or shoving it down their throat, it’s about how much people like your world.


If i wanted to i could place a voting thing that forces you to vote, otherwise it would require a password to get out.

but i don’t have the skills to do that so i am out of luck