Quick question about tamed animals

I’m just wondering, what CAN you do with tamed animals?
Specifically, ride tamed animals?
I have a couple of tamed animals like dodos, yaks, and donkeys.
I put campfires under the sheds so they don’t freeze to death since my portal’s in a temperate region.
Also, what’s different about tamed animals and wild animals?
I’ve noticed this:
They can be fed well with the feeders chest.
Their health bar shows if they aren’t at full health.
They follow you, specifically dodos. They’re literally like dogs.
Edit: Thanks for the guide WumboJumbo

Take a look at this guide. It should answer all of your questions.

Tamed animals live longer, some animals (like unicorn or dodo) need to be tamed before you can ride. Tamed animals also disappear when you log out and reappear the next time you enter the game (so they won’t die or reproduce in the meantime). It’s also fun to tame yaks and have an army of “Bob”

I think what that user meant was you have two options when interacting with a wild animal. You can either hit it or feed it. To hit it, select anything that is not the designated food and click the animal. To feed it, you need to equip the food. Additionally, I don’t think dodos follow you around. I have noticed that they tend to stay in corners, but correct me if I am wrong. Animals should not need heat to survive, either.

Thank you everyone. :slight_smile:

But how do you ride tamed animals? I’m scared to tap on my pets cuz I don’t want to hit them.

You tap it and click ride to ride but unless it’s a donkey then it must be tamed

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You have to tame your pet to ride it. Don’t worry, if it is tamed you can’t accidentally hit it unless you free it.

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You can ride untamed donkeys.

You will need a tool to do that

And? Sure you don’t need a tool to ride a tamed dodo but have you tried riding a tamed dodo?

I know you need a tool to only ride a donkey

ok, thanks for the reminder I need a tool

Thank you everyone. I’d like this post to be closed, like no more replies. I’ve received enough feedback from everyone. Thanks again.