Quick update to fix a couple of issues - 1.6.2


Dave put out a quick sub-1.6 update yesterday, to fix the 3D Touch-related eating bug. Those of you on iPhone6 or 7 should see the most benefit.

Now that’s out, update 1.7 is once again the primary focus.


as much as I would like to see what the new update is all about… I am NOT buying an iPhone6 or 7 LOL

I dread the day when my iPad that I purchased in 2011 becomes incompatible!! eek!:scream:


All they did was fix an eating bug, it’s not much.


I saw the 'The blockheads has been updated ’ notification in my notification centre today, my heart dropped!! I had to stop my shopping and sit down to read it.
Then I saw it’s only bug fixes :stuck_out_tongue:
Also @Caronhere I think it already is! If it’s below the 4th gen then iOS 10 is not compatible :frowning:
BUT it’ll be a long time before blockheads will become incompatible


Lol Scorpion, similar reaction by me seeing Blockheads on my update list.:joy:


Well, it’s nice to see that the blockheads is being tended to at least :slight_smile:


Y u no buy new phone


I purchased mine in around 2010.


yeah i agree at least it’s not like other games