Raccoon army


Let’s all change our profile picture to this :laughing::

Let’s confuse everyone with a raccoon army :lol:

Let’s all become raccoons for one week. :wink: The more, the better.


so far, 8 raccoons have joined the army.


While this is a creative, zany, and fun idea that I like, I will not participate. Good luck though!

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will you do it?


I don’t think this is such a good idea, it would be fun, But it would make Milla lose her “majic” as a raccoon.


Hmm have i seen you from somewhere

and to make this not off-topic:
Would be a cool sight


She is a duck now.


Pro tip. Never sleep outside at night without a tent in raccoon infested woods. Thank me later.


Got my owned pic :lol:


XD milla is a duck now


For some reason, I knew this was gunna happen, but milla is a duck now.


So another one I got my owned pic even milla going to change business suit for the win!


My pic cause I like ducks :duck: :duck:


What the duck?


Uh… I think that might count as circumventing the swear filter…


Guc- ducky gang!


I like the idea but I probably won’t end up doing it


I’m not doing it.


Heck yea I am doing it :rofl:


Why not? It’s only for one week :slight_smile:


As you can see. I did not join.