Rail-Chest Glitch Patched?


I was trying to dupe some pole items as usual for my server and the chest kept disappearing very quickly. Has it been patched?


I think talking about how to dupe on the forums was banned, but correct me if I’m wrong.


It has not been patched. Maybe your timing is off?


Discussion of duping was banned due to an inability in this community to discuss it with respect and courtesy. Since subsequent discussion, permitted as a test, was carried out nicely, the ban is now lifted. Note that the ban will be reinstated if problems occur.


@WumboJumbo, I sincerely apologise if it was rude to discuss this topic. I would just like some clarification on possible conditions that would prove it unable to dupe items from the “poles” to use as starters for a server I mod on.

Cheers, with sincere apology once more.

No, the ability to duplicate is still out there…

Keep trying if you really want to duplicate. That answers your question.

No need to apologise. It’s fine to discuss duping, so long as you don’t ask to find out how to do it, or tell someone how to do it here. Exploiting the game isn’t something we encourage.


i wouldn’t even recommend duping at all, it can lead to some technical issues and milla might have to swoop by to stop some creepy crawly bugs, no guarantee

but if you do try the answer is uh… no, it’s not patched, but with all the words about how to dupe it’s entirely possible to miss a step or something

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Why do freight cars still exist in this game when nobody uses them

In my opinion, they cause a lot of issues with being able to trust if items were legit or not.


Yeah who would bring a moving chest when you can carry things

chest in a minecart? freight car? can’t keep up this ruse, i don’t like either of them, you might as well make one that has wings