Railway in oceans


So how do u continue railway on water?


With bridges


Maybe have a dock with free boats so people can get across.


Make the rail go UNDERWATER! oh yeah…


A glass bridge above it usually works well. You can also use columns.


No, i need to continue the railway undergroud i already have a bridge at land


Confused. You said “on water” in the OP, now it’s “underground”. What exactly are you planning?


Build the outside of the railroad, then drain the water/bail the water. Then put on the rails.


Is it for handcars or trains?

And yeah, more details would help us help you with the right advice.


I mean this

So i need to continue it from underground but the water is there so how will I continue. How to get rid of water coming in my railway


You could place doors :slight_smile: if you remove the doors, the water will disappear where you‘ve placed them. I‘d continue building your corridor and if you have removed all the water you can connect both parts :wink:


The two pictures above are from my world. This is how I continued the railway tunnel underwater:

A simple start of a tunnel.

First, you place down a wall that prevents the water from flowing to the rest of the tunnel. Then you remove the blocks that prevent water from flowing in.

Then you continue the tunnel (while being submerged in water) for as long as you like. In this picture I continued the tunnel with 5 more blocks.

After that I sealed the new part completely in and placed a door in the new wall. The door will allow you to continue building without flooding the rest of the tunnel.

After that I filled the flooded part of the tunnel with blocks to easily remove water.

The remaining 1 block of water was removed with a bucket.



Doors are super handy for this. They don’t displace the water when you place them, and they remove the water where they were placed when you remove them. They can dehydrate a tunnel without buckets.


So can someone change the thread title to IN oceans as opposed to the irritating ON oceans?


Yes, in is more informative. Done.


This is still my favorite type of rails IN the water.


The door method was used to build those railroad tunnels on Unihorse. The oceans were capped first with blocks to prevent the water from increasing in the ocean while building underwater. It it very laggy to build underwater. Anytime you mess with water on blockheads it gets laggy.


Thank you so much everybody for all of it