Rainbow City 🌈 (server now open)

image better graphics incoming

My new blockheads server is called Rainbow City, and it will be a series of 1/4x tinier servers… when it gets too laggy i’ll open v2, v3, and so on.

Owner: me
Co-Owner: @Jungshook


•Be respectful, discrimination is not tolerated here

•No stealing

•No littering

•No advertising

•No inappropriate pfp or chat

•No spamming

•Please do not build with cheap blocks (dirt/stone/wood)

•Do not ask to be Admin or mod. You''ll earn it through time and trust

•Have fun!

Link: http://theblockheads.net/join.php?id=c9350cad5e7e2e49891cecd42c8c5877&name=RAINBOW%20CITY

Discord: https://discord.gg/erkdFae


I decided to let RIP my OG server “MAC & CHEESE” :cheese: because of the lag in a 4x world (So many memories, RIP April-October 2020)


yoo the builds in Mac & Cheese looks LIT!


How are new players going to start out then?


I will check that server out for sure

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We have OP starters (jetpacks & fuel, discovery chests, super shops, portal chest, portals, colored ownership signs, etc)

Duping/hacking is also allowed as long as the hacker doesn’t have malicious intent, won’t grief or such

Shoutout to my admins and architects at the time, Rogal Dorn, Midnight, Leonel, Sugar-Cookie, Bella Song2 and Nicenickname

Shoutout to Sal from “Chilli Town”:hot_pepper: for introducing me to the basics of HTML and tips for having a cool Welcome Message

thank you🌈

Updated logo image

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Merged double post.

gadd damm i miss this game so much



Updated welcome message, @jesuismanuel asked me to put it here

Also, if anyone has any server problems, or they want to report anything, feel free to contact me - over these forums or on rainbow city discord server: https://discord.gg/erkdFae