Rainbow Ore


Presenting… Rainbow Ore!

Where to find it:
Really rare, find it 0-10 blocks above lava. There are only twice as many rainbow ore blocks than there are cave trolls in each world.

Mine it, and it gives 3 rainbow ore.

R ore sells for 50 Platinum Coins.

Craft 3 ores into rainbow ingots at an electric furnace.

Rainbow ingots sell for 200 platinum coins.

Besides selling, there is also another use for rainbow ingots:

Legend Ingot
A legendary alloy that is said to be fake
1 rainbow ingot
1 titanium ingot
1 platinum ingot
1 gold ingot
1 steel ingot
1 iron ingot
1 bronze ingot
1 tin ingot
1 copper ingot

Legend ore sells for 750 platinum coins.

A great way to get rich!


Well, I can’t lie saying that the blockheads economy (balance of coins) is already way too broken.
So, getting rainbow ores would be a nice way to redeem it.
Don’t ask me why “;p


What would you use it for? Just wondering if you could craft anything with them. Other than that, it sounds cool; I think it would be nice to have a different kind of valuable in The Blockheads world.


Selling >:)


So… ~24 in a 1x world… or around 1 ore per 670 blocks… that’s pretty rare…

This doesn’t add up, I make more money by not smelting it and selling the raw ore…


I know. Should i make it add up or leave it be?

Edit: alright, making it equal sounds reasonable. I did it.


Why not making some kind of “gem pickaxe” (even if it isn’t a gem) but that gives you 8x resources?
And maybe it could be turned into plenty of rainbow essence.
If not, then just blocks/pillars/stairs, which may look like rainbow colored, more than platinum.


Oof. Mine rainbow ore with diamond pickaxe…


Mine rainbow ore with rainbow pick
(If it gets to exist “;p)
And… it broke…


Maybe allowing gear to be made out of this would.m be nice, it would add some serious value to the tools and allow for a really high tier of tools.


Lol what is the rainbow ore actually made of


Probably fossilized unicorns.


So it’s a rock not a metal?