Rainbow Pickaxe

Had an idea! What if there was a rainbow pick you could spawn in from the portal

5 amethyst
5 Sapphire
5 emerald
5 ruby
5 diamond

And would give you a 10x amount


What makes it a rainbow pickaxe though?

Oh man I love it! 10X would mean 30 ores from every deposit and 10 blocks from natural stony blocks.
You might include 5 Rainbow Essences with that recipe - although technically, I understand that the 5 gems would create the Rainbow effect anyway.

Now… how about wearability? Would it wear out more slowly than Diamond?
I would think a Rainbow Pickaxe would be a bit more fragile - say the same wearability as Sapphire.
That would tend to balance it out from being too OP.

Great idea. Hope we see something like in in 1.8 (If 1.8 ever happens in my lifetime :joy: )


What makes a rainbow essence a rainbow essence lol

It comes from unicorns?

To make it manually, you need one of each gem at a press (if I remember correctly)

Oooo great idea about the rainbow essence!!

maybe make it out of something that unicorns drop?

Like maybe a unicorn horn…

If it were made, it ought to be a very end game type of item that requires advancement. Just requiring gems is not enough, IMO, because you can get those pretty early on. Unicorn horns can’t be bought at a trade portal, so even custom worlds would require some advancement and breeding work to get them.

…but what if using them turned you evil, and made your hunger bar diminish twice as fast because of the constant consumption of your soul? :wink:


what if you could grind the unicorn horns to make unicorn pancakes which could be used re replinish a full bar of hunger and energy?

What if there was “Rainbow Fuel”
This could be crafted by 5 fuel and 10 rainbow essence, and once added to a jetpack, you could fly around extremely fast for 30 seconds and rainbow particles would come out of the jetpack.


Uhhh yeah! Pffft and rainbow armor that makes you run fast but consumes your soul also!

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It’s possible to get unicorn horns?! And the soul consumption is kinda dark… I like it!

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If we’re going to be dark, we might as well have items that periodically take your health but grant you special abilities like speed or flight lol

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Maybe give like the ice troll a special staff it uses every other hit or something that sends out ice that slows you down and takes heath from you, and there’s a change it could drop it, maybe in the 1.8 update (I really hope they decided to dev this game more) we could steer the game towards a magic type deal now that we have power stuff

tbh Dave should take on a team of unpaid interns or volunteers to work on new updates…I’m sure we have a few amongst us who’d want to help work on the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Sort of like how Wikipedia relies on volunteers for wiki pages

Where would you craft this from? The Amethyst Pickaxe requires an Amethyst Portal, Sapphire, a Sapphire Portal, Diamond requires Diamond, what about Rainbow?

Or an alt idea to make it slightly harder to obtain, you’d first have to craft a Pickaxe for each gemstone, then use all 5 Pickaxes, plus maybe 8 or 12 Rainbow Essence and a base of 200 TC, increasing by 50% TC each time it’s crafted per player. (The additional 200 TC makes for an equivalent of 500 TC with no rush).

Possibly since this would be hard to obtain, it could have a lower durability, but there could be a way to restore it. It could work in 25% increments, where each 25% costs 2 or 3 Rainbow Essence, and 125 TC. However, the Pickaxe would break if the durability ran out completely. If this happened, you would have to pay the 50% TC increase in order to craft it again. The TC price pattern would be 500, 600, 750, 975, 1312.

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Another cool idea that kinda mixes with this idea, how about a rainbow portal upgrade to allow you to make this?


Should give you 20x because 2+3+4+5+6=20 which makes sense i guess.