Rainbow Unicorns!


Thanks to many people who gave me advices, I finally got myself a flying rainbow unicorns!!

Thanks guys!!


Can you go straight up like a jet-pack?


Yes you can, you just need to swipe up when you ride them


They look beautiful! Good Job, I am trying to get a rainbow unicorn as well. :slight_smile:


Thanks!! Good luck on your getting an unicorn!!


Thank you! :slight_smile:




woah! there are three there! can i buy one for 2-3 platinum safes?


Congrats! Welcome to the club. :sunglasses: :unicorn:


lol,I got it a few weeks ago but congrats!


What is in your hand in the first pic


I think a carrot on a stick


A cage, methinks.


IDK I’ll turn on non HD textures and look at all the items XD


It’s a caged unicornimage