Random Blockheads Screenshots That You Forgot to Post!

Post screenshots here that would otherwise be embarrassingly old :slight_smile:

Here’s mine: Google Photos

Edit: Re-uploaded to Google Photos because Imgur isn’t always appropriate for this forum.


The second picture is creepy. :anguished:

image Uploading: D84C1B60-B9CB-4EDA-9DA6-C8F85A8858B7.jpeg…

image Uploading: FD36EE47-79A7-42FB-9E77-E1726D83CC17.jpeg…

It seems that all of them didn’t load sry guys🙁


I am reminded that I used to think (at first sight of a cave troll) that the head was upside down. This was before HD textures.

Just a random question.

Which upload size do you use?

High quality or original?

And does it really make a difference?

Uh they were compressed by Google Photos.