Random selected square when queuing actions


Okay, this is a strange glitch that I’m wondering if anyone is experiencing.

For the past couple of weeks, when I’m building, digging tunnels, or laying large areas of track, etc. — processes that require repetitive actions queued up, the server selects a square (above/left — roughly 10-15 squares up and maybe 15-30 squared left) randomly at some point in the middle of the actions. At first, I thought that it might have just been user error (maybe I accidentally touched the screen up left while I was working without realizing it ). Today, however, I have conclusively determined that it is, in fact, a strange glitch. A square was selected in an area I hadn’t yet explored during my time on the server today. This happened a few times in the course of 2 hours.

Is anyone else having this issue?


I think I’ve had it happen before… I just thought I accidentally touched the screen, but yeah, it happened more times, and I don’t remember ever accidentally touching the screen that many times…


This has happened to me before. I thought it was just me first (accidentally tapping something without noticing?) but after a while I realized that’s not the case.

It’s definitely very strange. I wonder what’s causing it…


This has been happening to me in Tropic Escape, since the most recent iOS updates (12.x). It’s really annoying, but I’m not sure it’s a Blockheads thing, specifically, as I’ve only experienced it in TE.

Is anyone experiencing it on Android devices?


I haven’t experienced it on android but my brother has experienced it on kindle fire.


Kindle Fire is Android :slight_smile:


Is it ? My brother uses the amazon appstore for it :confused:. I am quite confused.


Yes, Amazon services its Android Kindle Fires from its website.