Randomly Generated Ruins


I had a great idea for randomly generated ruins! I have a few good ideas for some ruins that may appear in worlds. One of them would be basically an abandoned house. It would be made of wood and there would be vines covering it. There would be no roof. There is a chance that there will be 2 chests in the house or there is another chance that there would be only one. The loot would contain very precious items. 1% chance of a diamond possibly? Maybe sometimes in the chests there would be tools that are half used already but it would be a very strong one for example like maybe a steel pickaxe? Sometimes there could also be clothes in there but they would be half worn out. There would be lots of plants around abandoned houses like corn or carrots. The plants would be very helpful if you needed some food quickly and run into a abandoned house. Your probably asking yourself… How rare is it? Well just so it isn’t too easy it shall be pretty rare. But they are a bit less rare around the east and west equator. Though they are still not too easy to find. The abandoned house can be randomly generated in two ways. There’s a chance you may find one with one floor and there’s a chance you may find one with 2 floors. But if it was 2 floors there would be a roof on the first floor but not a roof on the 2nd floor. Anyways Lets Move On To Our Next Ruin!

The next ruin on the list is the underground vault. Your probably it’s expecting that it’s underground. Yes it is. Your also probably expecting that it’s a vault. Yup! This underground vault used to be owned by great BHS with a huge fortune until they later passed away and the stuff in the vault was never stolen. Why? It was dangerous and many explorers who tried to obtain the loot died. Okay okay forget about all that boring stuff! Now let me explain about the underground vault. It has more loot than an abandoned house and has greater loot than an abandoned house. Coins galore! Oh and don’t forget about all the gems! There is a higher chance to find a diamond there. 5% chance. Oh but you may think it’s very easy to get in this underground vault. You better think again! The walls are titanium. The Floor is titanium. And of course the roof is titanium! You better bring a lot of pickaxes! The main loot room is blocked of by an iron door. If you do get in the loot room you are pretty lucky! But don’t think that you are there yet! Strategy is key! The vault also contains a mini bedroom with a golden bed. The chests in the vault are blocked by another layer of titanium. You will start to feel really cold cause when you try to get to that part of the vault and mine the titanium to get into the chests you will realize there is a bunch of ice torches covering the walls. Your gonna want to put a warm fur coat on yourself! You can get a Game Center achievement by simply opening one of the chests in the vault called mastermind. There are only 2 underground vaults in one world. They are both VERY deep under the ground. Let’s move on to our next ruin!

Abandoned Shipwrecks are found deep in the middle of the ocean. They contain a average amount of loot. It is made of wood and it’s front has crashed into the sea floor. If you wanna find one of these abandoned shipwrecks your gonna want to bring a lot of kelp! Diamonds cannot be found in loot from abandoned shipwrecks. You may find 3 or 4 abandoned shipwrecks in one world. They can be found in rainy areas or near the east and west equator. Lots of sharks spawn near abandoned shipwrecks so your gonna want to bring a sword. Abandoned shipwrecks are rare but not too rare. There is atleast 3 or 4 chests in a abandoned shipwreck. Or if you are creative and like a cool looking underwater home you can simply just make a abandoned shipwreck your cool new underwater home. With a few tweaks it will look just fine! On to our next ruin!

I tried brainstorming one last ruin and I managed to grow an idea. Though now my brain hurts :p. Well my idea for my last ruin was a plane wreck. It would be made out of iron or steel. The plane wreck would be very tiny but it would contain some average-rare loot. There would be 2 or 3 chests. You can only find 2 in one world. They would both be on the surface. You can find both of them near the north and South Pole. I’m not too sure about this but planes don’t do so well in VERY harsh climate:confused:. I couldn’t think of anything else to put in my idea about the plane wreck. But for now I hope you enjoyed reading this. I will try to make more posts about suggestions. Enjoy your day and goodbye!

Edit: This is my first post so it may not be perfect :stare:

Structures [With Examples]
Dear younger me

Welcome to the forums, WumboJumbo! Great post! I’d up-rep you if I had a rep!


Thanks wingysam! I appreciate it!


I like this idea! It’ll bring more life to the Blockhead’s world!


I like your ideas. Treasure hunts are fun!
Another great ruin would be a sky castle. The sky island would be located far away from the spawn area and be sounded by sky islands with our favorite scorpion buddies. The treasure would be great inside. Strong armor and a jet and lots of wealth. The real treasure would be the castle itself!


I don’t think this would ruin the game - this idea is perfect! It would be so fun to stumble upon underwater debris and such :wink:


This has been well thought out. Well done. I don’t like the idea, but I like the presentation :slight_smile:


Thank you milla! It was the first thing that had popped into my head so I didn’t know if it would be good or not.


I like the concept, I’m not too certain about the plane wrecks due to the fact there are no planes currently in the game


It wouldn’t be a actual plane. It would be a crashed plane made of BLOCKS.


I like this idea. It would give us more to explore. The challenges unique to each type of ruin keep it interesting.

Adding to the ideas:

Unique rewards for each ruin, for us to collect.

Hints such as signs, especially for ruins in places we’re unlikely to go near on our own. Maybe one for each ruin on the surface, so we find one hint for each if we go all the way around. Or each ruin has a hint for the next. Some might need “getting warmer” type hint, like diary pages. (Another idea: We uncover parts of the story as we get closer and then explore each floor.)

I suspect most players dig all the way down near their origin, or maybe near the first water they find, and explore all the caves that hole intersects, plus they go straight up and explore a few hundred blocks of sky on either side. If so, putting the first few hints in that area would be enough.


This was my first thread ever. I could do much better nowadays.