Randomly selected blocks

I’ve been playing a lot of blockheads recently, and I’ve noticed that blocks will randomly be selected on my screen. Many times, my finger doesn’t even get close to the selected block. The game just randomly selects a block somewhere on my screen and I have to manually cancel them before my blockheads does the action. I’m also not wearing a tin foil hat, which makes it more confusing.


I’ve seen that too sometimes. It’s very annoying and sometimes I have to cancel all actions to make sure I didn’t miss one that might destroy something I shouldn’t. Usually if I log out and back in, the random selecting goes away so you might try that.

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It’s a bit weird, because it comes in fits. Restarting the app usually doesn’t help for me. It’ll persist for about an hour and go away for absolutely no reason.

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Does that kind of behavior occur in any other apps?

For me it’s just in the Blockheads.

But I don’t play any other games where you tap and select things like in this game.



Can people experiencing this please put device details in their posts? Reports like this, that aren’t consistent, really need that information.

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I’m currently playing on an iPad Air with 12.4.7 iOS

I’m on an iPhone 8 with iOS 13.4.1

Have you tried updating your device to iOS 13.5.1 to see if the behavior still occurs?

This also occurs on my iPhone 8 on iOS 13.5.1

It could be your phone js my friend had a phone that started glitching like that

Haven’t played blockheads much lately, so I can’t say that this has happened to me here, but it happened on Stardew valley. Maybe it’s an iOS issue instead of BH?

iPad Pro, 13.6 but has happened on earlier versions.

Which version of iOS are you on?