Rarest Find in History!

What is your biggest find? Who knows, you might set a world record, or may I say block world!

Post pictures If you can. I need evidence!

My biggest find was 3 flint next to each over…no need for a Picture…

Your find was good… (Not trying to be mean, my first find when I started playing blockheads was 2 flint)
My Biggest Find is a gold vein next to iron in my old server.

Edit: I wanted to help create a picture of your find…was your find something like this?

Yes NYS dave, btw I am soooo jelous of yor gold, I have only found one block in my whole worlds so far!

my biggest find in history was my amethyst vein in a cave:

and yes these were all find next to each other

Wow, I once had 2 amethyst next to each over and thought that as rare…
Think about them being diamonds…



Wow… Nice!

No need to get jealous, That gold vein was sorta useless, I only mined half of the gold.


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O.O thing abou all those gold picks…

Speaking about flint, I think I struck the record on a world called SkyCastle, no longer active. Eight or ten flint next to each other…
Sadly, no pic.

I had marble which is… (drumroll please) 98 BLOCKS LONG! (and 5 blocks wide :p)

Wow! So it will be… 490 BLOCKS OF MARBLE!!!

Yesssshhhh!!! Time to build the white houssseeeee!!!

I found the biggest vain of stone that stretched for ever…

Yeah…wait, I used all for gold blocks! D:

HA thats underground stone nobody can put that here pff not like i was gonna…

I found some enormous red marble veins, in cosv3 about 70 blocks in all but not next to each other.

That’s cool, crazy finds everyone! :smiley:

I once found a vein of about 40 coal in a row. Used it mostly for steel :stuck_out_tongue: