Raspberry Pi zero

Should I get this?
It’s $14 CAN and has 512 mb of RAM
Oh yeah, anyone know any cheap screens to use it with this? (Under 50 best if under 25)

How old is it?

I think it’s from 2017

What do you want it for?

Hopefully try to make a game on it
A cool function about it is that it has a wifi chip so if I get a screen I might be able to try to run the message bot on it

I ran into a huge problem
The website that sells if the most cheapest I had a shipping fee that’s as expensive as the raspberry

Shop around. There are vast numbers of resellers.

Anyone have any websites to check?
(Do NOT suggest Amazon their prices are doubled from the one I checked)

at the bottom of the website it has a list of stores: https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-zero/

Yes, ones sold out and the others shipping fee cost was the same as the product

Looks like it’s either:
Sky rocketing shipping fees
Sold out

There is probably a reason for that.

Oh yeah, the website with the expensive shipping fee is the most cheapest because i think the prices are for education stuff (you can’t buy more than one)

Depending on your location, you may have a Micro Center nearby. They usually have the Zero W for their $10 USD price.

I’m not sure if Micro Center has any Canada locations.

They don’t have any Canadian locations and they don’t shop to Canada

if it costs less than like $15 usd not charging shipping is only losing money, if you manage to find somewhere that doesn’t charge ~$5-$10 for shipping that is very surprising.

How did i never think of that? This is way cheaper than getting a separate iOS device. Thank you!!

If you don’t want to connect your Pi to Ethernet you need to get a model that connects to wireless lan

It’s the cheapest one there is even including the shipping

Check AliExpress. They can take longer, but they charge less. Both facts are because they generally use large scale logistics services, like China post, or container services.

Edit: NZ$ 23.22 53% Off | In stock Raspberry Pi ZERO/ ZERO W/ZERO WH wireless WIFE bluetooth board with 1GHz CPU 512MB RAM Raspberry Pi ZERO version 1.3

The website I use is still cheaper it’s $12.95 CAN
(I think it’s because of educator price) and the shipping is also $12.95 CAN and it adds up to $25 soo I guess I’ll choose my website
Stay tuned!

It’s $24 all up on AliExpress shipping to NZ. I guess it costs more to North America than to NZ, which surprises me.