Re-Taming a Cave Troll Not Working?

So this problem has gotten a bit over the head. Taming a troll usually for the first time takes about 10-20 golden coins. However, after taming the troll after someone else tamed it and released it, it should take approximately 20-30 coins. ( Assuming it takes 10 gold coins extra to tame the troll with the additional 10-20 gold coins to tame). I know it will take more gold coins to feed, but for me, I have already fed over 50 gold coins to the troll ( to tame it after someone else tamed it) and I’m not sure if it something that is wrong or it takes actually takes 1 plat to feed the troll to re-tame. I’m pretty sure no one has touched my troll or fed it since the cage the troll is in is in a cave and the cave i made around the troll is protected as well with an iron door.

I have tried reading “Re-taming a cave troll” and “Greedy cave troll” before making this post, but I did not think it will take over 50 gold coins to tame one.

So the question is: Am I doing something wrong?


I would put this in Bugs and Glitches :slightly_smiling_face: also I do think it takes a lot to retame I’m not a expert on cavetrolls though

The one for Android or the one for iOS?

Can you re-tame a cave troll in the first place? I thought that once tamed they weren’t transferrable.

I guess the usual question to ask is if you’ve inadvertently hit the cave troll instead of feeding it, but I’m not entirely sure how great a difference that makes, if any.

They can be set free by the owner and tamed by a new owner.

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Yep. So someone tamed it for me so the troll would not be stolen by another person and set it free as soon as I came online. I doubt anyone touched it again after I enclosed it in a protective area.

Re-taming means you have to feed it more times than the previous owner. If they fed it 500 times, you need to do so 501 times.

I’m pretty sure they did not feed it more than 50 times though. He was the first one to tame it, so it should be between 10 to 20 gold coins. Why I know he was the first one is because he explored an unexplored cave when he found the troll so no one had found the troll before he did.

Did you ask and they’re pretty sure, or you didn’t ask and you’re taking a stab in the dark?

I have just asked them to confirm that they did indeed feed the troll around 10ish times.

(Names are covered up for privacy)

Then it’s broken. Whether it’s just that troll or all trolls is the next question :slight_smile:


Ahhh I see. Now I can stop feeding the troll for the hope that I can change ownership.

I would. If its owner only fed it ten times then you should be able to tame it at 11.