Re-taming a cave troll

I have set a cave troll free so another player can tame and keep it. He has fed it 25+ gold coins but it hasn’t tamed for him yet. Why?

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Has anyone hit the cave troll?

Edit: if someone hits the troll, it take more gold coins…

This seems to be a common bug with them that needs to be fixed. It’s not all to serious to ping Majicdave about, but it can be annoying a lot…

Are you sure that it’s a bug?

Sure seems like one, don’t you think? Cave trolls only need 10 feedings to be tamed. I can’t recall if Dave said this or not but I have always been of the understanding that when you release an animal, it should only take one more feeding to retame it, by anyone. This therefore would be the only way to trade trolls and sharks which can’t be caged. But I have observed a similar issue with sharks. The other player essentially had to start over on feedings and I think the shark died before retaming was completed.

I’ll find out.

Edit: The new owner would have to feed the troll more times than the existing owner. This is to prevent theft of pets. However many times you fed that troll, @Hippie_Princess, your friend has to feed it one more time.


How about for sharks? That could never work because of the life of sharks. They usually die before you can get 6 more feedings into them.

And is that really for pets that have been set free by the owner to be traded? That seems excessive when you want to make a legit trade.

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This is how taming works in general.

OK, that makes sense for taming a new pet. So, whoever starts taming it first gets the fewer feedings?

But has Dave clarified if there’s a bug in releasing a tamed pet and how many feedings it should take to retame? I’m pretty sure it was just one feeding for donkeys and unicorns. But trolls and sharks have had different results.

It’s one more than the current owner has given.

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So, if re-taming a troll, it will normally take 11 feedings then. 10 by the original owner +1 after the release of the tamed troll.

If memory serves, the shark needs 8 feedings to tame normally.
If re-taming a shark, I think it would then take 9 feedings, by which time it will be dead. Herein lies the problem. Just about any pet will die before it can be retamed by anyone other than the original owner. Luckily, most pets can be caged and transferred to another player to trade it. Not true for sharks and trolls. Trolls never die of old age luckily, so sharks are the pets that suffer from the current system.

Milla, I have tried taming a wild troll in the past and it consumed more then 10 coins.

iPad Air (First Generation) (iOS 12.3.1)

I’ve had it take 16 and more. They said they’ve already given it 25. When I give it a coin, I put down a stone block to keep count on coins. I’ve found that, for me, the more trolls I tame on one server, the more coins it cost as I find each troll. First troll = 10, second = 15, etc… Coin amounts as an example, not actual.

These we’re my own trolls, once I literally gave one 50+ coins and nothing. And there weren’t any trolls that really we’re tamed because it is a server that really doesn’t get much attention.

All it takes is someone giving a troll one coin, to make it untamable for anyone else. They may have done that as a joke, or stopped playing on that server before they tamed it. At least that’s what I’ve been told. :woman_shrugging:

Hm. I honestly don’t believe this is true (i.e. if another player gives the troll a coin to renders it unable to be tamed by another player). Would be worth testing to be sure.